2022 to be advised

This workshop steps you through processing nightsky images on Lightroom and Photoshop to be able to make recommended adjustsments for white balance, stack images, create panoramas and other adjustments (4 hours). the seocnd part of the course, I take you through the basic settings for photographing the stars and Milky way. Detailed notes are provided.

In the field I will teach you HOW TO:

  • focus to help ensure the sharpest and most pleasing shots of our night skies
  • adjust your camera settings in manual mode for ISO, shutter speed and aperture
  • shoot panoramas (great for the Milky way)
  • shoot star trails and time-lapses
  • light paint foreground objects such as buildings, trees etc to create images with the stars in the background
  • manage white balance in your shots as well as in light painting
  • shoot multiple images of foreground and background shots to be stacked so to further reduce noise in your images 

Please read the participant information sheet before booking.