23 July 2023

This workshop steps you through the basic settings for photographing the stars and Milky way. Detailed notes are provided.

In the field I will teach you HOW TO:

  • focus to help ensure the sharpest and most pleasing shots of our night skies taking into account the Earth's rotation and NPF rule
  • adjust your camera settings in manual mode for ISO, shutter speed and aperture taking into account reasonable exposure levels using the histogram
  • shoot panoramas (great for the Milky way)
  • shoot star trails
  • shoot timelapses
  • light paint foreground objects such as buildings, trees etc to create images with the stars in the background
  • shoot multiple images of foreground and background shots to be stacked so to further reduce noise in your images

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me via the "Contact me" link if you have any questions.


The first image featured is shot from the NSW South Coast, the second from the Central Coast, NSW. The workshop will be conducted in an area that is located so that light pollution is kept to a minimum and demonstrates that great shots of the night sky can be taken within 140 km of Sydney!

Please read the participant information sheet before booking.