A composite shot showing seven stages of the total lunar eclipse in 2018


My passion is to capture the essence of Australia's natural landscape under the stars.

Queensland Bottle tree, Orion, Larger Magellanic Cloud and Eta Carina

A beautiful bottle tree stands proudly against the majesty of the night sky in Summer

Bokeh Bottle Tree,and Dingo fence, Jimbour area, Queensland

Blue hour at RedRock Gorge

The MilkyWay core with its distinct glow sets over Castle Rocks, Australian Capital Territory, 7 October 2021

"Resilience" A Gnarly Snow Gum clings tenaciously to a west facing rock ledge in Australian's High country

Gnarly Snow gum (Eucalyptus pauciflora) and star trails of southern sky

The sweep of the Milky Way 1 August 2021 Namadgi National Park

Moon and Milky Way rise over Glass house rocks, Narooma, NSW

The delicate patterns of the the Milky Way core near Scorpius as it rises over The Rock, NSW on 28 May 2021

View of a bushranger - Melville Caves, Victoria

Milky Way, Jupiter and Saturn and Zodiacal light over the Molonglo River, NSW

The Grass Tree (Xanthorrhoea australis) is unique to Australia. This group is ideally placed to silhouette the rising Milky Way despite its location near a busy road.

Old shed, Milky Way rising and Venus, Narooma area, New South Wales

Jupiter, Saturn, Milky Way, Zodiacal light over Taemus Bridge, Yass area NSW

Summer star trails above Taemus Bridge showing stars north and south of the celestial equator (the opposite curves seen north and south of the constellation Orion

Eclipsed moonset and Mars over Murrumbidgee valley, Point Hut area July 2018

Rising moon and Milky Way rising over 1830s dairy, Braidwood area, NSW

Mars (to left), Milky Way and Jupiter (to right) Thala Beach, North Queensland