The aurora over Nes farm, Reykholt area, East Iceland, September 2019

Aurora borealis

In the northern hemisphere I have seen the Aurora borealis from Alaska and from Iceland (visited twice).

My 2019 visit to Iceland coincided with heightened solar activity up to minor storm levels dues to a coronal hole on the Sun. I spent 8 nights chasing the aurora from various areas in Iceland including north Iceland. The sights were amazing! Particularly memorable was the aurora over Nes farm where I stayed in east Iceland. I took advantage of their private thermal pool after only 3 hours sleep!

During that night I witnessed the auroral corona directly overhead. I can remember that suddenly a bright dagger appeared to come from overhead, it made me feel like crouching down so intense was the display! Sometimes I was lucky to capture the corona like this butterfly one photo below).

The coronal arc of the Aurora borealis appeared suddenly and reminded me of a butterfly.

Another shot of the auroral display on the night of the G1 storm, this is a view to the south east, the constellation Orion can be seen rising!

Orion and large auroral display to south east/east, East Iceland

Orion through the "skirts" of the Aurora, east Iceland