Roccia del Fungo (Fungus rock).

This is situated in the north western corner of Malta 's second island, Gozo. It was an adventure getting there!. e drove through narrow streets, some bordered on each side by stone walls thought the town of Gharb. As we progressed, the road became narrower and then we passed a sign indicating that there was a fireworks factory and a warning to turn mobile phones off. Andrew, my brother in law had two maps going. Mine indicated we were within 400 metres of the rock. Andrew's rugged a 1.2 km walk. It was quite late and we needed to get to another attraction by 5pm so we relied upon my map. The route seemed to proceed along a dirt road which headed to the coast.

Luckily, this was the right choice and my blue dot indicated we were heading straight towards the formation. We came to a headland and my wife and youngest sin decided to wait there while Andrew and I proceed down the side t a track we could see.

As we headed to the track, it turned to the right parallel to a drop off to some yellowish sand stone rocks below. The last light of the day was catching a wave like geological feature accentuating very detail.

We found the track then turned left toward towards the lower rock shelf. We then econuntered some red paint markings and followed this to where we could see the fungus rock. The rock was a very smooth sandstone and in it we could see some fossil bivalves (shells).

The wave like cliffs were striking and I took photos of these as well as a cliff overhang. It was a great time out!

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