Milky way panoramas

Milky Way panoramas can be shot by stitching together heavily overlapping images of the Milky Way. In the souther hemisphere, the setting Milky Way core has the shape of a boomerang as it sets in the west with the core in the apex of a boomerang. Nothing can prepare a person for seeing this spectacle in truly dark skies.

I am happy to shoot panoramas according to your chosen location when the season is right (from around the end of June to early October.

Three Galaxies and Three planets. The three galaxies are the Magellanic Clouds to the left of the image and the Milky Way. The three planets are Jupiter and Saturn to the upper right of the image with earth foreground making out the third!f

The full boomerang shape of the setting Milky Way core can be seen in this shot taken in Namadgi National Park from near the Boboyan Road

The setting Milky Way core over Lake Mungo woodshed, western NSW under moon light giving a "blue" effect.