Snowy mountains and Namadgi landscapes

Dawn over Mt Clarke

Byadbo wilderness and Aries Tor Ramshead Range Kosciuszko area New South Wales, Australia

On the week end of 1-3 March 2019, I spent two nights camped at two locations in the Kosciuszko National Park with good friend David Marriott, The aim of the weekend was to take full advantage of the unpolluted (dark skies).

Our first stop was at a location in the Byadbo Wildness area, an area famed for sightings of the elusive Yowie man and also for Brumbies (not stating an opinion here - just a fact!). I took time lapses of the Emu rising in the South eastern sky over the Snowy River Valley and also of the Southern Cross as it started its ascent into the southern sky.

At around midday we caught the chairlift up from Thredbo to the edge of the Ramshead Range and climbed going off the main Kosciuszko track to an altitude of 2092 metres (according to my GPS) where we struck camp near Aires Tor, a note worthy jumble of granite tors, among many in the Ramshead range. A incoming storm was very threatening but provided a colourful backdrop for our photos. We turned into bed early with cloudy skies hoping for it to clear up. As it turned out it did and from around midnight to nearly 3:00 am we captured the magnificence of the Milky way core as it rose between Aries Tor and an imposing hill of rocks next to it. An apline creek flowed nearby proving some perfect reflections of Orion as it set in the west. Some of these images will be posted also in the astrophotography gallery.

A noticeable feature was the dry conditions and the depressions around the Tor were dry as it had been an extended dry period.

I hope you enjoy my series of shots and get to experience this sometime yourself!

In 2020, David Marriott and I did a repeat trip to Aries Tor, this time in late March. It was a nervous time as the COVID epidemic was spreading and we anticipated that the snowfields (including the Thredbo skiflields could be closed down to prevent spread of the virus. Mountain bikers were out in force and we sensed that people were getting away to squeeze in a final trip before the inevitable occurred. The weather started good on this trip but cloud marred much of our imaging of the Milky Way. Despite this we had a wonderful time. What was wonderful was to see the water had returned to the depressions around the Tor after good rains following a horrid Summer in 2019/2020

Storm over Aries Tor and Ramshead Range 4 picture pano

Aries Tor and storm

Last light over Aries Tor backed by stormy clouds

The constantly changing cloud conditions and colours were amazing

First light on Aires Tor on our 2020 trip

The shadow of Aires Tor on the meadows below the Rams Head Range

The constantly changing light of a stormy afternoon up at Aries Tor

JUST snow gums

These are a selection of shots of snow gums taken during the warmer months ytook advantage of clear weather to come and photography a couple of stands of Snow gums in Autumn 2018 knowing that the change in season often triggers some of the nicest colours on the bark.

Two sheep seek relief from the rising Sun after a freezing night at Seven Gates near Lake Eucumbene

View of Mt Jagungal 2061M from Seven gates Lake Eucumbene

Dawn light on Mt Jagungal

Magestic snow gum guarding Lake Eucumbene (the tree was lit with flash to bring up the beautiful white swirls on its trunk)

Mt Gudgenby from near Yankee hat blanketed in fresh snow July 2021

Imposing Snow Gum at Seven Gates

Dawn on Mt Tennant, ACT

Dawn over Castle Rocks