Snow gums and stars

Sadly, at the time of writing the unique snow gums (Eucalyptus pauciflora,) of Kosciuszko National Park, Namadgi National Park and surrounds are under attack by Longicorn Beatles. They are being reduced to skeletons as they are eaten top to bottom .Lets hope that this destruction will cease shortly. This is of course after the devastating bush fires of Summer 2019/20.

The Snow gum and Eucalyptus stellulata have these amazing colours and shapes that belie the toughness of their environment. I look forward to seeing them season after season with endless new colours and patterns on display.

I love to image them under the majesty of the Milky Way with different types of light painting techniques to bring out their colours in contrast the to the starry skies. Included in the gallery below are a few daytime shots of these magnificent trees.


Gnarly snow gum star trails

Snowgum with the Southern Cross to the left and the galactic core setting to the right of the tree with the last glow of the sunset

Milky Way during "Blue hour" over my favourite gnarly gum